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Rowan van dyk


Rowan Van Dyk

Helping leaders build commodities of trust

Whether you are looking to transition your team to be more motivated or engaged, grow as a leader or simply want to host an unforgettable event, you're in the right place. Rowan van Dyk is a distinguished professional speaker, author and leadership development expert with over 30 years experience in helping CEO's build highly effective teams.


from death to success

Come tell us how your business survived the Covid-19 pandemic!

All of us got kicked in the stomach by Covid-19 one way or another. We would like to hear from you how you re-imagined, re-engineered or re-positioned your business to deal with the challenges of the pandemic.

Join our 90 minute mastermind webinar and share your experiences, challenges and ultimate success with other like-minded business owners, CEO’s and executives.

1. You will have 10 minutes to introduce your business very briefly and then share what you did, or did not do, to get your business through the lockdowns, revenue losses and other challenges to survive and see your business come out renewed on the other side.

2. There is no selling, marketing or pushing your business. We simply want to share our experiences and in this way show other businesses that they are not alone in this crisis. You never know, you might just mention something you did that could save someone else’ business.

3. We will have a 30 minute "Q and A" portion at the end of the mastermind webinar for you to ask one another questions that could help others to save their business.

We are only allowing 6 participants per mastermind webinar so don’t delay, REGISTER NOW, CHOOSE A SUITABLE DATE and secure your place.

Once you click the REGISTER NOW button you will be able to select the date that suits you best and will be provided with online discussion link. Come share your success stories with us.

The cost for registering is US$ 19.00, so don’t wait, register NOW! And receive your link to the discussion!

See you inside.



Companies that loved working with Rowan:


Rowan van Dyk

Dr Rowan van Dyk is an International Best-Selling author who has published 5 leadership books to date. For the past 30 years Rowan has been involved in Leadership and Management Training and owns a training company that operates both in South Africa and Namibia as a training provider that offers outcomes based training. In 2015 and again in 2018, Rowan was awarded Best Online Training Provider for SADC region and Namibia by CEO Magazine. In 2020 the MEA Markets Magazine voted Rowan the Best Online Training Provider for Africa.

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Rowan at TEDx Swakopmund

See Rowan In Action

Professional Speakers Association of Namibia


Events, programs and materials to inspire and motivate your workforce

Professional Speaker

Leadership Training



HERE's what Rowan's Clients are saying:

He is able to present complexities in straight-forward and, seemingly, simple fashion, that makes it easy to learn and grow!

Centre Manager
Heatherdale Children's Home
Andre Buttner

Rowan brings excellence in his presentation both his displays and delivery.

TBN Namibia
Granny Be Botha

" Rowan makes listening and learning easy, as well as practical. His message always contains usable tools that can help any professional take their business or career to the next level, and beyond. "

Human Connection Expert, TEDx Global Speaker

"People will only follow you if they trust you and your message."

DR Rowan Van Dyk

Earning the trust of your team is one of the most essential aspects of effective leadership. Take a moment to complete the Trust Calculator quiz to find out if your team trusts you...

Discover whether your team truly trusts you.

A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way...

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Videos, Books and Articles to supercharge your leadership

Having authored/created multiple leadership books and highly effective Outcomes-Based training manuals, Rowan truly is a trusted authority on the subject. Rowan frequently writes articles and creates videos for you to learn and develop as a leader.

""Great Leaders create and empower other leaders".

DR Rowan Van Dyk


LATEST Articles


To Build New Habits, Get Comfortable Failing

Every year, we say we’re going to change — to build new habits or reach grand new goals. But such resolutions don’t often produce long-term change because we don’t give any thought to what it would require.

November 5, 2021

How Leaders Can Build Connection in a Disconnected Workplace

For too long, workplace connection has been thought of as something that just happens during the workday, whether via hallway conversations, water-cooler moments, or grabbing coffee.

October 1, 2021

The Leadership Tree (TM)

In 2017 we introduced the Leadership Flag which created an acronym of the word leadership and each letter had a specific leadership characteristic attached to it. Here is the new 2021 version called the leadership tree.

September 14, 2021

Checking in or checking out

Sometimes our team members are suffering and experiencing difficulties, but are we as leaders checking in with them enough?

August 12, 2021

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