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HIVE blueprint™

Leadership Self-assessment tool

As leaders we are sometimes unaware of where the gaps are in our leadership armour. This tool will help you identify where your leadership gaps are (if any) and that will allow you to act on these gaps and develop stronger relationships with your team to achieve greater heights as an engaged and inspired unit. As a leader you will probably not have gaps in all areas, and some leaders may even have no gaps at all. This tool will simply help you move your leadership to the next level if your answers are completely honest.

How it works?


There are six Commodities of Trust to be measured in this tool. Complete each commodity by inserting the corresponding number between 1 and 5 next to each question. 1 represents the lowest and 5 the highest score. After completing all the questions for a specific commodity, you can view the adjoining radar graph and also view the quick response based on your answers on the page. When you have completed the commodity, simply click “NEXT” and move to the following commodity. Follow the same steps with each commodity until you reach the ANALYSES page which will provide a short overview of your leadership skills based on how you answered the various questions. When you have finished viewing the page, click “NEXT” and insert your name in the space provided, and you can also select whether you would like to discuss your results. Send the results by hitting the “SEND” button on the SHARE page.


Submit your details and download the tool


Complete the assessment following the instructions provided above


Deep dive into your results on the analysis page. You can also send your results to Rowan if you'd like to discuss with our Leadership Expert Rowan Van Dyk.