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Leadership Programs


Programs and workshops

To supercharge your teams

Rowan van Dyk has packaged his 30 years of experience into interactive, thought-provoking and informative training programs and workshop. These programs are customized to address your teams specific requirements and can be conducted both in-person and online.

Remote Leadership Blueprint

Leading the Transition to effective remote work

7 Fundamentals of Leadership

Getting back to the basics to rediscover your leadership potential


HERE's what Rowan's Clients are saying:

He is able to present complexities in straight-forward and, seemingly, simple fashion, that makes it easy to learn and grow!

Centre Manager
Heatherdale Children's Home
Andre Buttner

" Rowan makes listening and learning easy, as well as practical. His message always contains usable tools that can help any professional take their business or career to the next level, and beyond. "

Human Connection Expert, TEDx Global Speaker

" I watched Rowan deliver his TedX talk series on the 7th of November 2020 and it was absolutely mind-blowing. "

Facilitator on Personal Development
Olafika SME Development & Mentorship Program

"Passion without values is simply wasted energy."

DR Rowan Van Dyk

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Are your leaders battling to reach their objectives and to get the maximum results from their team? Are the relationships in your team suffering because the team does not trust the leader?
If you can relate to these statements, don't hesitate to book a free consultation with Rowan to find out how you can transform your organization today!