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7 Fundamentals of Leadership


7 Fundamentals of Leadership

Getting back to the basics to rediscover your leadership potential

Program Description:

Even seasoned leaders seem to have lost their way in their leadership journey and now they face the danger of teams that are not engaged and wanting to go elsewhere. Throw in the crises leaders face daily that cause  massive disruption and you have a recipe for disaster. This talk will take you back to the basics of leadership and show you how to engage your team to develop the Commodities of TrustTM needed to once again be effective as a leader.


This workshop is suitable for face-to-face workshops as well as online workshops.

Best Audience:

This is a 2 week course that is best suited to CEO’s; Managing Directors; Corporate Leaders; Business Owners; HOD's and even new upcoming leaders

Program Cost:

$697 USD per individual participant

Key Outcomes:

* Understand how the dynamics of teams works

* Learn how different personalities impact the effectiveness of teams

* Identify your own personal leadership style

* Manage time more efficiently to create productive teams

* Learn the skill of delegating and decision making

* Understand how to effectively motivate your team

* Learn the tools for applying creative problem solving effectively

* Learn the tools for leading your team remotely and into the future

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