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Remote Leadership Blueprint


Remote Leadership Blueprint

Leading the Transition to effective remote work

Program Description:

The Covid-19 virus has once again reminded us that as leaders we are constantly having to deal with crises in our business. For years many leaders have been leading their teams remotely with great success, but they were afforded the opportunity to plan and implement the shift over time. There are those leaders who, when the virus hit, suddenly found themselves and their teams either working remotely or from home. Now this has been hailed as the Next Normal and there are leaders that are struggling with the transition. This workshop is there to help with the transition.


This workshop is a 13-week programme that is best suited as an online intervention.

Best Audience:

This course is best suited to CEO’s; Managing Directors; Corporate Leaders; and Business Owners.

Program Cost:

$14,997 USD per organization

Key Outcomes:

* Individual deep dive sessions with the business leader.

* Facilitated exploratory sessions with the team

* Developing resource audits and a support matrix  

* Regular coaching sessions with the leader

* 4 X Masterclasses with the team to help them deal with the transition

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