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Lead a Horse to Water and Make it Drink


Lead a Horse to Water and Make it Drink

How leaders can ensure their team learns new skills

Keynote Description:

Are you feeding the horse enough SALT? Does your team have the ability to consistently implement the new skills learnt?

The main responsibility of leaders is to create the next generation of leaders by mentoring them in the skills required to be a Relational Leader. In most cases leaders teach the team new skills by providing the required knowledge and even from time to time allowing them the opportunity to apply the skills learnt.

There are very few who actually allow for capacity to be build by allowing the team to apply and practice the new skills over and over and over to the point where they really can apply the new skills effectively and even pass the skills on to the next generation.

Best Audience:

CEO’s; Managing Directors; Corporate Leaders; Business Owners; HOD's

Key Take-Aways:

* How to teach upcoming leaders new skills effectively for a lasting effect.

* To get the best results from the team through open and sincere communication

* To apply the concept of adding SALT to your leadership.

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