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Secrets from the Hive


Secrets from the Hive

What bees can teach us about leadership.

Keynote Description:

Learn practical techniques that can be used immediately to generate this trust needed by the leader through the leadership lessons learnt from bees. Leaders play a pivotal role in developing relationships and obtaining team commitment through heartfelt communication that leads to trust within the team. Embracing the new normal and get your teams more engaged to forge ahead and ensure high-performance in a new era.

Best Audience:

CEO’s; Managing Directors; Corporate Leaders; Business Owners; HOD's

Key Take-Aways:

What leadership lessons can we learn from bees.
How leaders can create Commodities of Trust and get the team fully engaged and highly inspired.
How accessing the Trust Calculator assists you as a leader to identify where the relational gaps are.
Use the 6X3 Hive Blueprint to identify exactly where to focus your efforts.

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